Online Method of Levels training terugkijken

In oktober 2020 organiseerden Eva de Hullu en Warren Mansell een online MOL training, geholpen door verschillende MOL facilitators. De webinar en de materialen ter voorbereiding zijn nu beschikbaar. Als je de cursus hebt gemist maar toch graag een eerste start maakt met de MOL, geven de webinar en de voorbereidende materialen je een goede start.

Follow this link to view the slides, or the following link to save as slides/print:

In the webinar there’s reference to the preparation book, which can be found here:

This webinar aims to provide you with an understanding of:

  • the role of control in well-being and mental health
  • the role of conflict in undermining control
  • the role of reorganisation – a trial-and-error learning process in helping to re-establish control
  • the role of awareness in directing the focus of reorganisation

 We will cover the following regarding MOL:

  • an explanation of how and why MOL is client-led
  • a description of the two goals of MOL
  • a description of its various benefits as a form of counselling or psychological therapy
  • a brief summary of the evidence-base to date

Questions can be asked afterwards and discussed at the designated course forum on